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Using sketch for it’s intended purpose? 

(also to whoever suggested I use more sharp/dynamic lines, you were right holy shit) 

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I'm putting my money on thighs. Always bet on thighs.
oolongearlgrey asked


Lovely thighs are the source of goodness

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Son are you telling me the Healer can SURF?
rozurizo asked


and that’s hardly the raddest thing she ends up doing 

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A thing I did because why not

Is bubble buddy his stand?


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Remember a while ago when I said Healer uses her shield spells for more than just deflecting attacks? 

well yeah

stuff like this happens on multiple occasions 

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real talk why doesn't mrtennek have a million subscribers
Anonymous asked

They just don’t know yet


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and this is why I always come back to Sketch 

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What kind of outfits do you have a certain (ahem) interest in? Personally I have a thing for leotards and skin-tight suits. :u
af1987 asked


full business attire

full business attire WITH PANTS

one-piece swimsuits

oversized button down shirts 

hip suspenders

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i wil rek u m8 1v1 me
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Hey ya mutterfooking faygewt, get the fook off of me klood
before aye beet yer kawksooker orse half to daeylth vit me enormous
Sveydish deeck, ya fooking fooker!

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da fok m8 one more and i unfollow, i swer on me mum
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