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How's it been going Oolong? This is Justin. It's been a long time but I decided I'm going to do my best to pump out art and create the things I want. I've been trying to not pay attention to you admittedly because I have looked up to you so much, I feel like I'm a failure when I look at the awesome stuff you make. Anyway I just wanted to say hi for old time's sake and try to keep a promise for once.
icuria asked

Hey there Justin. I’m doing well!

I’m glad to hear you’re gonna be posting art. Hope you have fun with it!

Trust me when I tell you you’re not a failure. Just focus on doing your own thing and keep moving forward. 

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The full version of Stand Proud is out. You listen to that shit right now.
Anonymous asked

I’m one step ahead of ya, anon

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So what kind of demonic sacrifice gives you this artistic prowess and where do you get your virgins
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I sold my soul like 8 years ago 

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and one more thing 

I’ll probably finish this later

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A certain someone suggested I make a Zombie OC, so here we go

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~1 Hour; SketchbookPro6

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Some doodles for people. As you can see, I’m terrible at managing space and some characters took up more space than they were supposed too. Gonna do some more later.

Succubus for oolongearlgrey
Carina for ferrousoxide
Eira for vilcurio
Aoi for owl-headsniper
Camomile for tleafmuffen

You really did her justice, Kirby!

Thanks a lot! 

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I knew looking threw my old stuff was a good idea 

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Random question, I know, but seeing that post about the inner demons thing got me thinking about myself and stuff, and then I started thinking even more about a certain game I've been addicted to recently... so, have you played Persona 4? (And if you have, then who is best girl?)
Anonymous asked

Sure have

best girl is all the girls 

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I remember when I used to make sprites